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Purpose-Oriented Therapy

*Patient reviews can be found on; Sara M. Brown,  LMHC, Warwick, RI, and several other well-reputed sites.

Effective Skills For A Better Life

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"If you want a better past, make a better now.  You are continually making history,  and adding context to a story, yours and those with whom your energy touches. The question is; from where will you emit positive high, aware frequency, and where and how do you see your life, as someone vital, and always changing?  Don't you know YOU are happening, and are very, very meaningful?  Live your meaning, find your way."  

Sara M. Brown

EFFECTIVE treatment starts with defining who, what, and where you are, and where it is, you keenly wish to go. Growth and happiness are only by-product of handling challenges along the way, in becoming your most developed person.

Services and treatment are client-centered and focused on your individual needs.

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